Wetlands Permitting

A wetland is a land area that saturates with water either permanently or seasonally.  This oxygen depleted (anoxic) environment promotes the establishment of certain types of vegetation unique to wetlands.  Wetlands in Washington State are found in depressions, hillside slopes, shorelines (fresh and saltwater), streams and rivers.  Wetlands Northwest LLC is regularly involved in all phases of wetlands permitting work which includes:

  • Wetland Determination and Field Delineation
  • Permit Applications (Federal, State and Local)
  • Technical Representation
  • Wetland Reconnaissance for future land use or acquisition
  • Wetland Rating

Stream Assessments

Streams are bodies of water that have a unidirectional current that are confined in a channel or bank.  They are an important habitat corridor for fish and wildlife that connects fragmented habitats.  During the permitting process, a stream study may include the following:

  • Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM) delineation and determination
  • Stream Rating

Wildlife Habitat Evaluations

Federal, state and local jurisdictions have lists of species and habitats that require an approved management plan to permit for future development.  Species may include Roosevelt elk, Western grey squirrel, pileated woodpecker or Pacific salmon.  Habitats may include snag rich areas or stands of Garry Oak  trees.  Wetlands Northwest LLC offer Habitat plans which include:

  • Wildlife Habitat Evaluation
  • Wildlife Mitigation Design
  • Wildlife Enhancement Plans


On-site features such as wetland boundaries, streams, habitat features can be collected with GPS technology with an accuracy of one half-meter.  GPS is cost competitive to a two-person survey since data collection is instantaneous whereas a crew requires a setup time to “tie” known geo-referenced point.  Data collected in the field can then be presented using our CAD (Computer Automated Design- AutoCAD) software and generate a map that can be used for site design.  We also utilize the latest GIS software to accurately locate existing inventories of critical areas on property boundaries and incorporate these inventories into a report.

 Mitigation/Restoration Plans: Design, Installation and Monitoring

When impacts to critical areas are unavoidable, a mitigation/restoration plan is required to compensate for a project’s activities.  We have over ten years of experience designing, installing and monitoring mitigation plans.  We design our plans according to industry performance standards and also simplify data collection to provide an accurate monitoring report that is cost effective for the client.

Other Services Provided

  • SEPA
  • Project Management, Environmental Planning
  • Site Planning
  • Floodplain Habitat Assessments and Mitigation
  • Code Enforcement Issues
  • BA/BE