County Tax Foreclosure Auctions

The county tax foreclosure auction season is upon us. For the smart buyer, this is a good opportunity to obtain real estate for pennies on the dollar.  The properties available for auction result from owners falling behind in paying their property taxes for several years. The local county then decides to place the property into foreclosure and recoup the taxes by selling them at auction. The majority of the properties for auction are vacant land that usually have a critical area issue (wetlands, streams and steep slopes) associated with them.  A smart buyer will have done their homework and figured out which land has value. It is best to have a professional look at the property first before proceeding to bid on them.  The list of foreclosed properties can be found on a county’s assessor’s office. Here are the dates and venues for the following counties:

King County: December 14, 2012 at the Washington State Convention Center at 9 AM.

Pierce County: December 7, 2012 at the Pioneer Park Pavilion located on 330 South Meridian in Puyallup.

Snohomish County: Tentatively for Wednesday Jan. 9th Through Thursday Jan. 10th 2013, the venue is TBA.

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